About Us


Hola, I'm Hermès Báez.

Powered by Cinnem, I'm starting the Ekholos experiment as a for profit entity to help families and businesses to learn and practice languages, arts, physical education, wellbeing and more.


Our first service is language tutoring. I intend that all tutors will be native speakers or college graduate in the languages they will be teaching. And we're starting with Spanish lessons. 


A little bit about me:

Spanish Tutor

Before coming to the US I used to speak more French than English and I was a French language tutor. Now I'm starting, via Ekholos, tutoring in Spanish, which is my primary language. I have visited six Spanish speaking countries, including Spain, and that have enabled me to get to know different Spanish language styles. Also I become from a family of educators: my parents were both teachers and school principals for about 30 years.


I'm offering the Spanish tutoring worldwide via internet, 1-on-1 in-person individual sessions any town in MA, and on small group settings in Cambridge and Boston.