Spanish Tutor

Hola, I'm Hermès Báez. Before coming to the US I used to speak more French than English and I was a French language tutor. Now I'm starting tutoring in Spanish, which is my primary language, and I have created Ekholos for it. I have visited six Spanish speaking countries, including Spain, and that have enabled me to get to know different Spanish language styles. Also I become from a family of educators: my parents were both teachers and school principals for about 30 years.


At Ekholos I'm the first Spanish tutor, and as the the demand grows I'll recruit passionate native instructors from Cuba, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Spain and other Hispanic cultures.


Other languages coming soon: If you're passionate about your maternal language and would like to teach it to other people, message us to add you to our tutor's bank, attaching your résumé or with a brief summary of your experience or interest in teaching your language.